Not just your ordinary candle!

Personalized 3x3 Candles
Personalized 6x3 Candles
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Keep your precious memories alive with a personalized candle, or set!


Commemorate your special day on a customized Unity Set. A perfect display to symbolize your union!


A Message from our Owner...

Hello! My name is Latrice Smith, owner of Pebbletutz Candles. Thank you for visiting my site. My wish is that your experience here leaves you with fond memories and inspiration for the future!

My inspiration came in December 2014, my son’s first Christmas! Of course every first time mom wants keepsakes to remember their baby’s firsts, but I wanted to memorialize his in a way that could last for years to come. My first candle was nothing short of amazing that I had to take to social media. Thus, Pebbletutz Candles was born!

Candles are a way to keep precious memories alive as well as making wonderful keepsake treasures that are handed down from generation to generation. Candles can say so many things in so many different ways. Whatever comes from your heart can speak through a beautiful candle. Our lives are woven with memories, hopes and dreams and Pebbletuz Candles captures these moments in a beautiful way.

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